You have worked on your BODY… you have worked on your MIND – let's maintain your transformation!

Maintenance Plan
6 months


Keep the weight down
Or continue to lose more weight

Maintenance Plan
12 months


Keep the weight down
Or continue to lose more weight

The key now is to maintain your new weight – our deep research has led us to understand that if you can keep the weight off and maintain your new weight for a full 11-12 months, there is far better chance of you not rebounding or re-gaining that weight, again!

It’s an important step in your journey to take cognisance of the fact that the body works to resist weight loss as much as possible, while promoting weight gain. This is a “survival-mechanism”. So, it’s going to fight back to regain that weight you just worked so hard to lose…

The good news is that you can prevent rebound weight gain…

THAT, is Sprezzatura’s next mission – to help you keep it off during that crucial next 11-12 months.

  • Fun, yet sensible, BUT “calculated” (measured) eating…
  • You would have noticed that the Sprezzatura programme did not encourage calorie counting during the weight loss phase (we kept that for later, when it’s easier to manage), we had provided you with eating plans specifically designed to work with the supplement and work with insulin levels etc. to help you lose the weight in a healthy nutritional way.
  • Now at this stage, with the maintenance journey – you would want to, and can, have a little fun in-between and maintain that weight…(remember, target 11-12 months).
  • We help you with that by allowing you flexibility in your choices of food but to manage your calorie count based on your BMI (body mass index), BMR (basal metabolic rate) and based on your proportion of macros (Fat, Protein, Carbs), by meal…the additional functions, from the “maintenance part” of the portal will do all this for your automatically.
  • You will have access to a food database that allows you to choose the foods you going to eat, record this by meal, and the platform will break that down by calories, by macronutrients and by calories by macronutrient, all in one place.
  • The platform will then plot your recommended calories against the food choices you made – throughout the day.
  • YES! This means that it will be individualised for you!!!
  • You will just be encouraged to make good choices, whilst having fun and flexibility, but most importantly hit that goal of the 11-12 month maintenance target